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Hi All, The purpose of this group is to keep Bay Area Role Players connected.  From what I see, RGP'sare mostly a underground word of mouth community.  This groups primary focus is help transition from isolated gaming groups to a Bay Area Gaming Netw


This group has been started with the intention of creating a small community of people who enjoy playing games. We are here to provide people with a way of going beyond the computer monitor and spending some time with the people they play with. If yo


The purpose of the Guild is to serve as a point of contact for area gamers of all stripes - a place where people can connect and expand their gaming circles. Guildies are encouraged to add new meetups and suggest Group enhancements. Game on,and keep


Monopoly, Risk - Ring a bell? How about - Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne ? The Heidelberg English Speaking Board Gaming group is focused on gathering people for game nights to enjoy both old and new Tabletop Board and Role Playing Games. So whether yo

Game Enthusiast

We play primarily Dungeons and Dragons ver. 3.5 and sometimes 2.0. We will play Pathfinder and almost any role playing game. Occasionally we do board games when we get tired of rpg. We game mostly on Sundays, some on Saturdays, and we are starting a

High Rollers

This is a new group for anyone with interests in sci/fi , tabletop games, video games, comic books etc. I started this group to meet new people and hopefully life long friends and hope you all will too. Feel free to post any meetups you want. This gr


Try new games, meet new people, and find out what Indie RPG Games are all about! We play role-playing games like InSpectres, Dogs in the Vineyard, Misspent Youth, Monster Hearts, and Fiasco that encourage everyone at the table to participate creative

Story Gamers

Looking to start up a group of over 21 table top and board gamers. I have a place that is giving me some space. However it is a Bar/Restaurant which is why the 21 and over restriction. No dues required. Just ask you buy a couple of drinks or some foo

Older Gamers

---------------------------------No­vember News!------------------------------­---------- rb3 DND is coming to the end of its first year! I never expected so many people would be interested in playing DND and the response has been great. Well now we ha

Red Shirts

Interested in table top role playing games? Live in the Round Rock/Pflugerville area? Come join us for some good clean imaginary fun. The purpose of the group will be to help gamers meet each other to form their own groups (if they like) and to actua

Table Toppers

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July 23, 2014

The Gilded Cage is a Ptolus/Golarion mashup set of course in Ptolus and using the Pathfinder rules. Our campaign is very visual (ie we use lots of mini's and scenery props). We like to concentrate on role playing but probably not too the "evening at

July 17, 2014

This group is for anyone interested in making and playing tabletop games. All skill levels of players and creators are welcome. Come to learn, play, share, and create.

July 12, 2014

Christ is in our midst! Are you a Christian in the Seattle area who enjoys speculative fiction (i.e. science fiction and/or fantasy)? Are you tired of scifi/fantasy/gaming conventions that ignore the Christian dimensions of these works? We are planni

Geek Orthodox
July 8, 2014

looking for a small group of RPGers, that like a true style adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk. Don that armour and sharpen those blades. I have years of experience ( I am 49!) as a DM that have stagnated whilst growing my businesses, it is now ti

July 4, 2014

We're about playing games and having fun here in Northern NJ. Let's get together and enjoy a game of D&D, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, or any other fun game. Have a serious love for your World of Darkness campaign? Bring those D10s down and let'

July 3, 2014

Here's a place for people to announce their groups and schedule get-togethers so that Jerusalem gamers can meet each other.  The name says "tabletop" but LARP groups are certainly welcome! Also, here is a page that members can edit to list their grou

June 29, 2014

Hello everyone, I'll be arriving in Cairo this September and hope to meet like minded RPG fans. I've been playing for quite a few years now (15 years) and want to carry on doing just this. My preference would be for pathfinder or 3.5 but am open to o

Pyramids and Sand Dragons
June 25, 2014

While I was raised and certainly appreciate D&D, Pathfinder and the myriad other great games that use the d20 system, I have recently become more interested in games like Fate Core, Dungeon World and Cortex Plus. I feel like they focus more on st

June 6, 2014

A group of table top game enthusiasts who like to get together and play games! We are running a monthly game day in Springdale, just a short trip outside of Pittsburgh. Come join us for a day of games, whether you want to play board games, partake in

June 3, 2014

Hey guys! As an avid board gamer, the one niche that I have wanted to get into and haven't been able to, has been tabletop RPGs. I have dabbled with a few systems (FATE, Dread, Star Wars) and read up on some others (Pathfinder, Dungeon World). Using

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